How to optimize your SEO strategy.

How to optimize your SEO strategy.

Let’s face it, these days SEO (search engine optimization) is essential. What SEO does is create an exceptional user experience and communicates your strategies to search engines so they will recommend your website for relevant searches. Here are three simple ways to optimize your SEO, and reach more consumers around the web.

  • Be relevant. AKA organize your website to comply with what will be most likely to appear in a search. Search engines are going to recommend websites that have organized content and high performance. They also look to see how much authority a site has. When a website has authority it basically means that your website has good enough content that other websites will use it as a reference. Lastly, make sure that the user experience is good. Google Analytics is a helpful tool to measure this because it will show you your site’s bounce rate. You don’t want to have a high bounce rate.
  • Know your proposed strategies, and what you are measuring. There are many articles that tell you to focus on your goal, but a few mention to focus on the steps you need to take to get there. According to Victoria Edwards some of the questions you should be asking yourself are:
    • What defines a conversion for you?
    • Are you selling impressions or what people click on?
    • What’s good about your website? What could you improve on?
  • Have the same Domain Name throughout. For example: if your website is, be sure to use that exact address in reference to your website. or are inconsistent and will come up as two separate websites from yours. This will minimize how effective your overall SEO efforts are. Also, always try to include keywords in your URL. This will help both you and your customer in optimizing your site.

SEO is a fundamental strategy that will greatly improve the traffic coming to your website. If you are a business that heavily relies on organic searches to publicize your product, SEO is for you!

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