Digital Ad Spending Approaches 60 Billion This Year!

Digital Ad Spending Approaches 60 Billion This Year!

Digital Ad Spending is expected to reach about $60 Billion this year, and retailers will comprise 22% of that, or $12.9 billion. Retailers, by far, outpace all other industries.

US Digital Ad Spending Share, by Industry, 2015 (% of total)

According to Victoria Petrock at eMarketer, “mobile, digital video, and programmatic buying are the brightest stars in the digital advertising lineup.”

Retailers will spend nearly twice as much as any other industry on mobile advertising in 2015 and will account for 23.2% of the $28.7 billion that advertisers will spend on mobile advertising this year. Retailers are trying to reach their consumers in every stage of their buying process, since online buying is becoming so multi-screened.

Retailers will also lead the way with programmatic buying, spending up to $3.71 billion to purchase digital display ads which is 24.9% of the $14.88 billion US advertisers will spend on programmatic buys this year.

Lastly, digital video will account for 19.9% of the $7.77 billion to be spent on digital video advertising by the US this year. Video is helping increase total spending, and is increasingly being used as a main component of digital campaigns.



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