Container Tags 101

Container Tags 101

Container Tag ImageIf you want pixels for your campaign, container tags are essential.  A container tag is a snippet of code used in digital ad campaigns.  It makes it possible to track various campaign targets because it removes the need for multiple data tracking codes being placed directly on the site.   Instead, one code is placed across every page of a site, and where each pixel fires is controlled internally.   Since this code is literally a container that holds all your pixels, you are easily able to add, remove or change pixels within the container tag without having to remove anything from your website.

It works by activating your pixels when a specific action is completed on your site.   There are specific rules that are defined, and the pixel will fire if those rules match the activity on the website.   For example, if you want to put a conversion pixel on a URL that is shown once someone has made a purchase, the pixel will only fire inside the container tag if that page is shown.

Container tags are necessary for a campaign because it simplifies everything immensely.   Instead of multiple pixels needing to be placed on multiple, selective pages of a site, you have one code that will be placed across your website completely.  Be sure to place it immediately after the opening </body> tag for optimal results!

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