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Voice Search is Here: Is Your Business Ready for It?

When Apple’s Siri first came out back in 2011 the technology was a novelty.  It was cool to test out and sometimes provided informative results, but often the results were laughable.  Not many people predicted voice search would become a major digital trend of the future.  Voice search is defined as a speech recognition technology that allows users to search by saying [...]

Google Analytics Guide: How To Understand Reports & Explain To Your Clients

If you are in advertising and want to be a marketing guru for your clients, you need to have a basic understanding of Google Analytics. One way to learn it is through Google’s free online classes. It’s fairly straightforward, and you can go at your own pace. If you decide to do that – great, but [...]

Up Your Google Analytics Game with Annotations

Google Analytics is a free measurement tool that measures your website traffic, giving you powerful marketing insights.  But the data is only powerful if you understand it.  Sometimes as a marketer you have so many irons in the fire when it comes to driving business from sending out an email blast, running a radio campaign, or tweaking the art [...]

Google Analytics Workaround: Using Instead Of UTM Codes

More and more, advertisers are using Google Analytics to traffic the traffic that comes to them from a digital campaign. While Google Analytics is a great tool for analyzing what your website traffic does once they get to your website, it has its limitations. To read more on these issues, click here. For example, you can’t tell exactly where traffic [...]

The Question Digital Salespeople Should Always Ask

The client has committed and you got the sale. Great! The next thing you should ask this client is, “How will you evaluate if this campaign is successful?” Often in our excitement of getting the order we overlook this extremely important question. If you don’t know how the client will be judging the effectiveness of the digital ad spend, you are [...]

User Explorer: Google Analytics’ New Tool to View Individual Website Interactions

Google has begun releasing a new feature (currently in Beta) which allows website owners the ability to view individual, anonymized, interactions up to the minute. User Explorer, as it’s being called, began showing up in Google Analytics dashboards a few weeks ago and those who have had a chance to really dig into it have given the new tool [...]

How Can Digital Salespeople Prove ROI To Their Clients?

It’s great news to see that 56% of small and medium sized businesses are planning to increase their budgets in 2016. Of particular interest is that many will be concentrating those increases on digital marketing. For those of us in the online advertising world this is indeed great news, but behind this lies a problem. Almost half of small business that [...]

Google Analytics: Unlocking the insights in the Audience Overview Report

If knowledge is power than knowledge of Google Analytics is a super power. In a previous post I covered how to understand the Home Page of Google Analytics. In this post, we’ll tackle the Audience Overview Report. This report gives you basic information about a website’s performance and traffic. You can navigate to this report by first logging in to [...]

Do You Understand Your Google Analytics Home Page?

If you have a website, you should have a website analytics software program loaded to track your website statistics. Google Analytics is a free program that adds a small snippet of code that is placed on all pages of a website. It gathers detailed statistics about a website’s traffic, traffic sources, even tracking conversions or sales. In this post, I’ll [...]

How Many Leads Will I Get From My Digital Ad Campaign?

In last week’s post we tackled “What will my traffic/clicks be from my digital ad campaign?” and now we will cover the follow up question that advertisers usually have… “How many leads will I get from my digital ad campaign?” This question is basically asking, what ROI can I expect from my digital advertising? Well, you need to have an [...]

What will my traffic/clicks be from my digital ad campaign?

There are two questions advertisers typically want to know about their advertising campaign:  how much traffic will my website get (aka how many clicks will I get) and how many leads will I get from my digital ad campaign.  If you’re a digital salesperson, you should be able to answer these questions, and if you’re an advertiser, you should [...]

Optimize Your Campaign with Google Analytics

Are you ever curious what leads people to your website? Well there’s an easy way to check the keywords people are searching to find you. By using Google Analytics! Never checked this out before? Don’t fret, here’s how: Once you sign into your Google Analytics, look at the left hand column and click on Acquisition. Underneath Acquisition you’ll go to Search [...]

100 Posts Later…Check Out Vici’s Most Read Blog Posts!

  Today is an exciting day for us at Vici Media, we are celebrating our 100th blog post!  We take pride in providing you with digital marketing education, campaign strategies, and trends in the ever-changing online marketing world. To commemorate 100 blog posts about effective digital marketing strategies, check out our five most popular posts ever.    These posts and many other [...]

My Bounce Rate is Too High. What Should I Do?

It’s a little troublesome having a high bounce rate. This essentially means that a user was on your page and then left (bounced) rather than continuing to view other pages. A high bounce rate is a conversion killer. Because bounce rate measures people who bounced off a single page, it shows that they didn’t explore other pages of your website. [...]

How to optimize your SEO strategy.

Let’s face it, these days SEO (search engine optimization) is essential. What SEO does is create an exceptional user experience and communicates your strategies to search engines so they will recommend your website for relevant searches. Here are three simple ways to optimize your SEO, and reach more consumers around the web. Be relevant. AKA organize your website to comply [...]

How should I measure my KPIs?

It is important for digital marketers to understand key performance indicators. Key Performance Indicators or KPIs give you a way to measure how your campaign is performing against your business objectives. When you start a campaign, make sure to outline your goals, and once you have them, be sure to translate them into quantifiable objectives. These measurable goals will [...]

Google Analytics Can Tell Me When I Should Advertise?

The folks who bring you Google Analytics have just released some first quarter insights from the previous two years that could help you decide when it is best to beef up your marketing in the coming weeks. They analyzed billions of Google Analytics sessions and found that “in particular, the week of February 5th (also known as the week [...]

Your 2015 New Year’s Resolution: Effective Marketing

The end of another holiday season also marks the end of a new year and the beginning of new opportunities in 2015.  Although you might have a list of important resolutions that you promise to keep this year, the fact is you may only keep them for 2 weeks, or through the entire month of January if you’re lucky.  [...]

Why Don’t My Click Reports Match My Google Analytics? (Example)

Google Analytics is a terrific platform for understanding more about how visitors use your website.  However, keep in mind that it is not tracking data the same way that log servers track clicks. Click data is based on ad server logs from the ad exchange(s).  Analytics data (such as Google Analytics), is based on cookies or page loads. HOW GOOGLE ANALYTICS [...]

Why is Conversion Tracking and Goal Setting So Important?

Before you start a search engine marketing campaign (aka Pay-Per Click) it’s important to do a bit of homework first. As they look through their Google Analytics, they see clicks+cost with an overall increase in traffic. Putting these items together, increased traffic with clicks implies ads are working, right? Not necessarily!   Your customer could potentially be losing revenue from really expensive [...]

Does having a separate mobile website hurt my SEO?

A question we are frequently asked is whether having a separate mobile website will create SEO issues?  (A separate mobile url is one that starts with m. and redirects to the mobil url – i.e., The answer is “no” if it is done correctly – and we do it the correct way!  (As outlined by Google in this article.) [...]

UTM Codes?! I’ve never heard of UTM Codes!

If you are like the majority of the population, you might have never heard of UTM Codes.  And why not?! I don’t know – because they are a great tool to use for measuring your digital campaigns! UTM stands for Urchin Traffic Monitor.  And that’s what it does – it monitors traffic coming into a site, and specifically names where that [...]