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What is Mobile Conquesting Address Targeting and How Does It Work?

With the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve seen a consumer shift like no other.   With millions of people out of work or working from home, their behavior with devices while quarantined has dramatically changed.  Advertisers need a way to target their customers when they are at home on their mobile devices.  With our new Address Targeting product, we have that solution. Being [...]

What are some unique ways to advertise during a down time?

It’s tough out there right now.  We get it.  Every day we’re getting bombarded by emails and social media posts from businesses and how they are dealing with our current state of economy and the Corona Virus (COVID-19).  With everything going on in our community it’s important for us to stay positive and stay focused as much as possible.   [...]

Working remote for the first time? Distancing while connecting!

We, at Vici, have a lot of experience working remotely.  We have your back on this and want to share our best tips and tools! Remember, no one will be able to interpret or present your capabilities better than you! Much like the Telephone game you may have played as a child, at best, the presentation gets distorted by someone in between you [...]

What Digital Products Should I Be Using?

I became a mom for the first time in July of 2018. You get a lot of advice as an expecting parent like “sleep when the baby sleeps”, and “don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need”, and “make sure to take time for yourself”. While these are all true, one that is 100% true, is that babies don’t come with [...]

What Digital Advertising Products Work Best for Real Estate Clients?

According to the National Association of Realtors there are 1,384,166 total registered members for the month of January 2020. Why does this matter? They all need digital marketing.   With numbers like that, you are bound to know an agent. Maybe multiple agents? Maybe one in your very own neighborhood or your family? You know who they are because they [...]

Are You Taking Advantage of Video Ads? 2020 is the Year of Video

In the Disney movie “Up”, there is a dog named Dug that gets distracted easily every time he sees a squirrel. No matter what he is doing, if he sees a squirrel, he stops and tracks it. In today’s marketing and advertising world, we are all “Dug’s” that are bombarded with several squirrels a day. There are so many advertising messages thrown at [...]

Online Audio – What is it and is it HEAR to stay?

So many listeners out there, but how much are we listening? Personally, I would say I spend 2-3 hours a day listening to some type of online audio. In our household alone we account for 7 hours a day, at least! The average user of online audio spends about 16 hours and 43 minutes a week! So, to answer the above question [...]

What is a Lookalike Audience?

Have you ever been out with friends or met someone new, and right off the bat they tell you that you look like someone or have a doppelgänger? It’s always interesting to hear what they say next because it can completely change the mood of the night. Maybe it is someone that you will take as a compliment, or [...]

What are OTT ads?

Are you down with OTT? You should be! Recent data shows more than half of all American adults are devouring over the top (OTT) content, and it is not a passing fad. Ask friends for advice on a new show to watch or ask co-workers what movies they recently caught. You are not going to hear them talking about [...]

How can the Cannabis Industry use Digital Marketing?

Blaze. Burn. Get baked. Ganja. Smoke bud. 4/20. Hash. Wake n’ Bake.  There are definitely more terms that refer to cannabis than there are ways to advertise for it.  In an industry that’s seen massive growth and expansion, there is constant uphill battles when it comes to finding out what’s a possibility and what’s not in the marketing world.  It’s not easy to uncover [...]

How To Use YouTube For Digital Advertising

Do you watch YouTube? I bet you do. 73% of all adults in the US use YouTube. This makes it neck and neck with Facebook. With 2 billion people logged in each month, they are definitely a player in the digital world. It is projected YouTube will yield over 5.5 billion dollars in 2020, that nearly double just from [...]

Financial Businesses to Spend Big Bucks on Local Digital Ads in 2020

‘Tis the season, but not the season you might think I’m talking about. It’s resolution season; the time of year where people reflect on the past year and come up with a, “New Year, New You” resolution. Some of the most common resolutions that people make are to lose weight, exercise, spend more time with family, get organized, etc.. [...]

How Well Does Digital Advertising Work For The Beauty Industry?

Gorgeously! I am a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, and there is no better place to get a product fix than the internet. My journeys to beauty product conversions are both intentional and accidental. For example, around Halloween I needed ideas for a costume. In about an hour I went from Pinterest for inspirations, to Googling “bride of Frankenstein makeup [...]

Top Digital Advertising Trends for 2020

Anywhere you look, you’re going to see trends for the new year, trends for the new decade, and all sorts of news about the “visionary” year of 2020.  Looking ahead, here are a few key things to watch out for as you plan and finalize your marketing budgets. Instagram Ads – We all know Instagram as Facebook’s little brother.  But, Facebook’s trusty [...]

What Are Native Video Ads?

Alright, so a Native Ad walks into a bar and sees a Video Ad and says “hey there, video; you sure do make quite the impression” and 9 months later we have the newest addition to our digital toolbox- Native Video ads!  When we talk about Native ads, we explain that they match the look, feel, and visual context of whatever [...]

Where were you 25 years ago?

Where were you around this time in 1994? Me? I was attending Bowling Green State University and quite possibly having a Zima with a Jolly Rancher tucked inside. For those of you a bit younger, this was basically a handmade White Claw.  Why should we take note? It was a monumental time for digital advertising, as the first ever [...]

Meet Rachel Choi. Master of languages, including digital.

Vici is excited to welcome the newest member of our team, Rachel Choi as a digital campaign coordinator.  Rachel has a degree in Design & Merchandising from Drexel University and with her experience in buying, she knows how important it is to make sure that businesses are using digital marketing as a tool to help them grow daily in today’s [...]

Vici Media Ranked Number 370 Fastest-Growing Company in North America on Deloitte’s 2019 Technology Fast 500™

Attributes 254% Revenue Growth to Stellar Digital Technology Run by Best-In-Class Philadelphia-Based Ad Buying TeamPhiladelphia PA, November 7, 2019 — Vici Media, headquartered in Philadelphia PA today announced it ranked 370 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™, a ranking of the 500 fastest-growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and energy tech companies in North America now in its 25th year. [...]

How can I use video in Digital Advertising?

With Advertisers increasing their digital video advertising budgets an average of 25% , it may be tough to decipher which video products they’re using as part of their marketing mix.  For instance, in Mobile video alone in 2018, brands spent over $30 billion in mobile video alone. So how do you know if what you’re doing is going to [...]

Vici Summit Unplugged

In a land not so far away known as the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia was the backdrop to the first-ever Vici Client Summit. It began as a meet and greet of our media and agency partners alongside the Vici digital operations and training team and founding partners. 47 companies were in attendance, plus 23 of the Vici Team [...]

What Digital Advertising Products Should Casinos Use?

With 465 commercial casinos throughout the United States, according to Statista , there’s bound to be one near you, and maybe in your market.  As we’ve seen for years, Casinos market heavily.  It’s not about whether or not they have marketing dollars, but how can you secure your share of those dollars digitally?  What products are good for them? There [...]

How Has Behavioral Targeting Evolved?

One of the absolute best things about digital is the ability to pinpoint the exact person in the exact area you are looking for and put an extraordinarily relevant message right in front of them. Often, when I have a super specific person I am trying to reach; I turn to Facebook for their impressive targeting options. [...]

Digital Spending is Still on the Rise. Are You In?

It has been reported that digital ad spending is up by 18% year over year and will continue to rise. Why? Because it works! Some of the businesses that continue to soar in this space are retail, automotive and on the heels of these businesses are financial and travel. It is forecasted that in 2020, financial services digital spending will surpass automotive. And mobile [...]

Digital Advertising Trends

Election season is basically upon us, and we know that every election year, there are so many changes within the economy.  What businesses are going to spend what, and where are they going to spend it? Before we look at 2020, let’s take a quick look at how 2019 digital ad spending will most likely end.  Here’s a quick chart put together [...]

How do you capture part of the billions spent on local political campaign?

How big is the local political advertising pie exactly? MASSIVE. In fact, it is predicted by the BIA that $6.55 billion will be spent in local political advertising in 2020. That number is not a typo, it is an enormous opportunity. So we know there is a huge pie, how is it being divided and what media is getting the [...]

Do Your Potential Customers Think Digital Advertising is Creepy?

Even when we’re adults and out on our own, we still call our moms for everything, especially when we don’t feel well. Just last night I called my mom to tell her I had a sore throat and a headache. She gave the typical mom answer and said “gargle with warm salt water and go to bed early and get some rest.” The [...]

8 Things To Know About Digital Advertising

There’s a lot to know about Digital.  In fact, there’s a TON of information out there.   However, it doesn’t need to be complicated. What is Digital Advertising?  This is when you buy advertising space across websites, mobile apps, and even social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, where audiences are targeted with the help of specific information about their online behaviors, interests, and purchasing habits.  What you [...]

Can I do digital advertising for Cannabis, Marijuana or CBD Oil campaigns?

Let’s be blunt. Trying to run digital campaigns for Cannabis businesses around all the restrictions and limited targeting categories has been a bit of a drag in the past. There are now a wealth of targeting options available that we offer, including Native Ads, Display Ads and Video Ads . Do you want to reach people who are marijuana [...]

What Is Artificial Intelligence Targeting With Digital Ads?

To some AI sounds superficial or in many ways impossible. AI technology is super sophisticated and therefore can be very hard to comprehend. Therefore, many do not realize how powerful this strategy can be for businesses online. In its simplest form, AI is showing your display or video ads to people across all devices, using machine learning to target consumers based on who is engaging with [...]

Top Three Digital Trends of 2019

Digital opportunities continue to boom and explode. It was forecasted in 2019 digital ad spending will rise by 17.6% to $333.25 billion. That means for the first time, digital will account for roughly half of the ad market. Some of the top digital trends on the rise are video marketing, artificial intelligence and chat boxes. Video Marketing is anticipated to climb and climb. [...]

What techniques are most popular for Professional Services?

According to a survey by BIA’s Local Advertising Forecast, the professional service industries will spend $2.5 Billion on mobile ads in 2019.  These industries include law firms and legal businesses along with engineering, architects and computer/technology services.  These are the industries that will spend the most. Other industries within this vertical include accounting (CPAs), advertising agencies, photography services, and [...]

Is Facebook Listening In On Me Through My Phone?

How many of us have felt like Facebook is listening to our phone conversations? I swear I just mentioned these new Kendra Scott earrings to my friend and now I’m seeing them in my newsfeed? Disturbing! Right? Or is it just effective? It is absolutely unnerving. You feel like you just mentioned to a friend, or even just thought about an item and [...]

Why your marketing plan should include more than just PPC.

PPC, Pay Per Click, Google AdWords and now Google Ads are all different names for paid text ads on google search returns. They generally appear at the top of your search reruns or at the bottom and in some instances in the first position in the “snack pack” returns (the listing under the map image). They can be an important [...]

Voice Search is Here: Is Your Business Ready for It?

When Apple’s Siri first came out back in 2011 the technology was a novelty.  It was cool to test out and sometimes provided informative results, but often the results were laughable.  Not many people predicted voice search would become a major digital trend of the future.  Voice search is defined as a speech recognition technology that allows users to search by saying [...]

Digital is Not Scary: How to Help Traditional Sellers Wrap Their Heads Around Digital

I get it. It’s scary to learn a completely new product that you’re unfamiliar with and be expected to go out to your clients and pitch them another product that’s going to get their “doors-a-swingin’, and their registers-a-ringin’”. I’m here to tell you to come on in-the water is warm! When I first started pitching digital, I thought I was never going to [...]

What social platform is gaining popularity?

Instagram. According to latest research, people are embracing Instagram and its popularity is growing. So who is using it the most? Starting at the top we have an overall number of 37% of US adults (beating out Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Twitter). The strongest numbers for Instagram are in the 18-24 range, however, it is important to note [...]

What Are Good Conversions For My Client?

First, what is a conversion? A conversion is an action you want consumers to do once they visit your website. You have done a great job getting their attention with a great digital advertisement to where they have either clicked or come to their website on their own. Now what do they do next? A few conversion examples include: Making a purchase on the [...]

Who starts a company on April Fool’s Day anyways?

Founded on April 1, 2014 who knew what a wild and fun ride it would turn into for these digital fools, uh… I mean founders Todd Schumacher, Leslye Schumacher, Gary Rozynek and Megan Malone. Their passion for the most comprehensive training for our markets and agencies paired with the most advanced digital solutions has made this team rise to the top in the digital [...]

When should you Geo-Target and when should you Geo-Fence and what is the difference?

There are several “geo” terms in digital advertising, and it can be complicated to determine which option is best for your campaign. With so many opportunities and choices it is important to understand the differences. First let’s define our “Geo” terms: Geo-Targeting (Geographic Targeting):  all digital ads are geographically targeted meaning we serve ads to specific geographic areas like a city, zip codes, or [...]

Do Credit Unions Utilize Digital Advertising?

In short, the answer is yes!  But, to get a good look at what works and what doesn’t, let’s take a deeper dive into how much they are spending, and what they are spending that money on. According to, Credit Unions spend between $9.92 – $14.83 per member on advertising.  Now, that number can vary depending on the size of the Credit [...]

What is Mobile Conquesting?

Nearly 80% of US adults own a smartphone and we use them a lot. What used to be a device just to make calls has quickly migrated to a device to send text messages, map directions, make purchases, play games and even capture life’s most precious moments. Because technology is so sophisticated, and we do more on these devices, the [...]

Should You Be Using Video Ads In Your Digital Marketing?

Ummm, yah, you should. 80% of Internet users can remember a video ad that they have seen in the last 30 days. But it should be good video. More info on that below. But first, some stats to convince you why video ads are where it’s at for getting amazing return on your advertising investment. 90% [...]

Social Media: When should you DIY and when should you enlist a digital expert?

There are absolutely times in life it is more cost effective to “Do it yourself.”  Before I take on a DIY project, I try to consider if I have three T’s, meaning do I have the tools, the training and the time. If all signs point to yes, I go for it! All three must be in place [...]

How-To-Guide On Understanding Your Facebook Insights And Analytics

Most small businesses have a business Facebook Page but are you understanding the wealth of information you can get from Facebook about people who interact with your Page? This is our step-by-step guide to walk you through some of the most valuable information you might be interested in learning. Facebook calls their analytics “Insights” and you can access [...]

A How-To Guide For SEO: What A Business Can Do, What A Digital Provider Can Do.

There are lots of ways to be a digital marketing guru so that your clients will look to you for advice and guidance. One is to be able to understand and explain Google Analytics reports, which we have a Google Analytics How-To Guide you should check out. Another is to be knowledgeable about your digital advertising products. In this [...]

How Do I Get Renewals From My Clients?

If you’re asking this on your way in to get a renewal, you’re already too late…. First, let’s look at some of the most common reasons renewals DON’T happen: 1. You didn’t hold a proper Customer Needs Analysis meeting because you don’t have access to the end client. 2. You assume what the client’s goals are without discussing it with them. 3. You [...]

Why do digital and traditional media work well together?

You have heard the phrase, opposites attract. Well the same holds true for your media mix. Traditional media like radio and television work hand in hand with digital. Digital marketing can include tactics like SEO, online display or native and social media across all online devices. First, it is important to understand your audience and to realize there are many ways [...]

Google Analytics Guide: How To Understand Reports & Explain To Your Clients

If you are in advertising and want to be a marketing guru for your clients, you need to have a basic understanding of Google Analytics. One way to learn it is through Google’s free online classes. It’s fairly straightforward, and you can go at your own pace. If you decide to do that – great, but [...]

Understanding Digital Co-Op Advertising And Terms

How does a small business access digital advertising Co-Op funds? The answer is, unfortunately, many don’t. Even though it is estimated that 43% of small businesses carry or represent products from national brands that offer Co-Op reimbursement for advertising, less than half those businesses use the funds they’ve earned. Why? Over half (52%) of local retailers [...]